Check Engine Light

There are two lights on your dash that are there to alert you to the hidden needs of your car. The first is the engine service light. This light comes on when you pass the mileage that indicates a service is needed, Oil changes and the 30, 60 or 90k service milestones. The second dash light is the check engine light. This comes on when there is a problem detected with your car’s emission system. If your check engine light comes on you should have your vehicle seen as soon as possible by a Reliable Automotive service technician.

There are many code readers advertised for car owner’s to read the OBD error code that the check engine light signals are stored in the computer control module of your car. While these portable units can provide you with an accurate definition of the error code, the error code doesn’t define the problem. A Reliable Automotive technician uses a similar code reader to define the error, but then uses their knowledge, experience and special tools to trace the possible causes of the code. In order to turn off your check engine light, the problem causing the malfunction must be repaired and that is rarely as easy as just replacing the sensor that is not working.

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